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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Towards Machines that Capture and Reason with Science Knowledge

 In 2015 I took part on a machine learning competition hosted on Kaggle aiming to solve a multiple-question 8th grade science test. At that time there weren't large pretrained models to leverage and (unsurprisingly) best performing models were IR-based that would barely achieve a GPA of 1.0 in the US grading system:

However, several years later (and several thousands of $$$ spent training large Transformers), Allen AI researchers reported in 2020 substantially better results using either BERT or RoBERTa based QA solvers. This major breakthrough means that a QA system leveraging publicly available language models and training data could achieve 90%+ (GPA-4) in a similar 8th grader test:

The success of Transformers in NLP has opened several possibilities unthinkable many years ago, being able not only to solve arbitrary natural language processing tasks but also leading the way to the development of fully AutoNLP solutions that could work without human intervention.


Project Aristo: Towards Machines that Capture and Reason with Science Knowledge

From ‘F’ to ‘A’ on the N.Y. Regents Science Exams: An Overview of the Aristo Project

Prize winning solution to the Kaggle challenge (GitHub)

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